Sunday, July 5, 2009

Bikini Car Washes & Pig Roast DUI Defense Fundraiser

California DUI lawyers are often asked by people how they can come up with all the attorney fees money.

Fatties on the Lake, a bar, is holding a bikini car wash and pig roast fundraiser for a guy arrested for drunk driving. DUI suspect Jay Taylor used to work there. The flyer says it's "like friends helping friends" after he was involved in a tragic bike accident. The benefit will help their friend down the long, hard road ahead of him.

No road may be harder. Crystal Daly, the guy's girlfriend died when he crashed his motorcycle. Now, the tavern where the two were drinking is raising money to help pay his legal bills.

With free beer after 6, the Fatties on the Lake says they will offer free camping and rides for those who drink too much. They don't mean any disrespect toward Daly or her family, sending "condolences to the family of Crystal." It is entirely plausible to both remember the drunk driving accident victim while helping the accused retain a quality DUI defense attorney.