Friday, July 10, 2009

Drinking required at this 5 day "Tales of the Cocktail" convention in New Orleans

"Tales of the Cocktail" has a molecular mixology instead of Jager in a test tube; preprohibition punches instead of the premixed hurricane; and Duvel drinks instead of $1 beers. This New Orleans drinking establishment is about learning the art of making and drinking cocktails. An annual 5 day event, the 2009 event is going on now nd runs through Sunday, July 12.

The best bartenders and serious cocktail enthusiasts get together in the French Quarter and attend seminars. It's educational yet there are numerous parties where you can get. A friendly event, you can always find good conversation and fantastic stories at the bar.

The alcohol events and drinking seminars are only forty bucks, the spirited dinners are less than $100, and the tasting rooms are free! At last year's seminar on How to Taste Whiskey, one audience learned how to tell the difference between an eighteen, twenty and twenty-four year-old scotch whiskey. This year's seminars cover trends in cocktails, new creations, best cocktail by spirit and tasting skills. Each tasting seminar includes three samples, where you learn to distinguish between different spirits.

DUI attorneys need to explain how to avoid a drunk driving at this seminar.