Wednesday, August 12, 2009

California DUI criminal defense attorneys & California criminal defense lawyers generally have a good image, work hard & protect their clients' rights

In some circles, there is a common perception that criminal defense attorneys and California DUI lawyers have a "bad name".

Upon close scrutiny, you will not rationally accept that false premise.

In spite of the common blanket that media-types and talk-show comedians like to throw out there for a "cheap laugh", please do not be convinced that the overall image as lawyers has been irreparably tarnished. That is an urban myth.

Sometimes one can see where that notion or myth comes from. The publicity of one or two bad DUI criminal defense attorneys can go a long way in California to counteract the good efforts of the other 99% of hard-working California DUI criminal defense lawyers. The internet and You Tube can show us videos where criminal defense lawyers do not look so good.

To a great extent, many folks are stuck with some negative image if even quality attorneys handle criminal defense. A number of folks - with no prior contact with the law - will tend to think defending (alleged) "criminals" is a dirty game.

When working hard to defend folks' rights, perhaps it is better not to use the term "Criminal Defense." It is my client whose legal rights are being challenged.

Perhaps citizens of California would understand better if DUI defense attorneys refer to one's "citizen's rights" rather than "criminal defense". California citizens have the right to have defense lawyers defend and discuss their Fourth, Fifth and (now) Sixth Constitutional Amendment "rights" that the prosecution or government often tries to take away.

After the OJ Simpson trial, people saw a lot of professionals working very hard on both sides. Although OJ ended coming out with a bad image, a fair number of criminal defense lawyers' images came out just fine.

One thing to always keep in mind:

Good DUI lawyers are not cheap
Cheap "DUI lawyers" are not good