Saturday, August 15, 2009

"Send Money for DUI Bail" = latest phone scam spurred by social internet groups & twitting

California DUI criminal defense attorneys like to protect their clients. But how do we protect the relatives? Here's a new scam you need to be careful about. Look out for any phone call asking for detailed information (designed to send, i.e., extort money).

One scam caller telephoned a Utah family posing as a grandson "jailed in Canada" for a "DUI" with a bail amount of $2,200 dollars. Please "wire to get me out of jail."
Because of open sites like Twitter, MySpace, Linked & Facebook containing personal information, the caller referred to personal names while calling the grandmother's house.

The targeted victim responded: "what do I do, how do I get it to you?" The scammer suggested a money gram from Walmart, indicating a call-back in a couple of hours as to where to send the money.

Thankfully upon verifying the grandson's location by talking with other family members, and deducing a few holes in the caller's story, the almost-victim figured out this was a outright scam and called police for help. Not the DUI police either.

If you are facing a real California DUI charge, consult an aggressive drunk driving criminal defense lawyer in your area.