Sunday, August 2, 2009

Smart ideas to improve the future of getting a fair DUI trial & sharing of strategies used to defend people accused of drunk driving in California

Hungry to learn California DUI defense, attorneys from all over came yesterday to Los Angeles to the Annual DUI Seminar at Loyola Law School.

This 6th annual "Attacking & Defending DUI Cases" is one of the most popular DUI Defense Seminars offered to lawyers who wish to improve their skills and knowledge in defending folks accused of drunk drivers, according the Executive Director of the California DUI Lawyers Association.

MABA "Attorney of the Year" Felipe "Mad Dog" Plascencia co-sponsored this Mexican American Bar Association Annual DUI Seminar held at Loyola Law School in Los Angeles. Felipe is a graduate of this fine school and is universally recognized as one of the top California DUI criminal defense attorneys. He is the "Kobe Bryant" of DUI Defense Lawyers in California.

"Mad Dog" was flanked by a pit bull, California DUI Lawyers Association President "General" Vince Tucci, a national legend in DUI Defense. The Pillar of the DUI Defense Attorney bar, he is the "Wilt Chamberlin" of California DUI Defense Attorneys.

Old School lawyer & leading author Don Bartell is the "Michael Jordan" of this team. He is arguably the best DUI criminal defense attorney in California and one of the top in the country. A truly humble genius, Don's motto is: "Win all the cases." Don's treatise is the hottest best-selling DUI Defense book: "Attacking and Defending Drunk Driving Tests."

Finishing the team was California DUI criminal defense attorney Rick Mueller who devoted an additional thirty minutes of bonus time to his one hour lecture.

Afterwards, the four shared ideas on improving the future of DUI Defense & sharing of strategies used to defend people accused of drunk driving.

Eighty-some criminal defense attorneys and scholars enjoyed the fine presentation and came home with hundreds of pages of valuable information designed to help folks in need of the best California DUI & DMV Defense. The experiences shared will be remembered even though sometimes one may experience lapse of memory with "each passing day."

One of the goals is to try and even out the playing field in DUI trials. The prosecution has so many unfair advantages, from money & manpower to resources & biased judges. Hopefully, our country will be better as a result of these efforts to try to make things a little more fair. Because if you arrested for a DUI charge in California, you want a fair shake and some help.