Sunday, August 16, 2009

Summary of DUI Laws & BAC standards in California

Summary of California DUI laws

California DUI criminal defense attorneys like to notify the public in advance of the risks of drinking and driving, as well as possible defenses to breath testing.

Here's some of the main California drunk driving laws that criminal defense lawyers deal with on a regular basis:

While Driving in the State of California it is unlawful to drive in a vehicle for:

Drivers under 21 with a blood alcohol concentration level (BAC) of .01% or higher.

Drivers Under 21 after consuming alcohol with a BAC of .01% and/or prescription drugs.

Any driver with a BAC .08% or higher and/or drugs in his or her system.

Any vehicle requiring a commercial driver license with a BAC of .04% or higher

Driver under 18, .01% measurable blood alcohol concentration.

Repeat California DUI probationers/offenders may not have a BAC of .01 or Greater

Drivers under 21 may not have beer, wine or liquor in their vehicle while they are driving alone.

Clearly, California has strict "no tolerance" DUI / drunk driving laws for drivers under the age of 21 (.01% for DMV & .05% for Court) and for repeat California DUI offenders on probation (.01%). A commercial driver is only allowed to have a .04% BAC or less.

If you find yourself in DUI trouble, contact a California crimnal defense attorney who handles drunk driving & DMV cases immediately.

When you talk to a California DUI Attorney Specialist, your case may include inquiries as follows:

• Was the California DUI equipment used to test my BAC functioning and administered properly?

• What are the possible California DUI penalties if I am convicted?

• What other types of Drunk Driving penalties might I face such as higher insurance rates and potentially limited employment opportunities in California and elsewhere?

• Does my state require an ignition interlock device if convicted of a California DUI?

• When will I be able to have my California or other state driver’s license saved and/or reinstated?