Friday, September 11, 2009

Attorneys who specialize in DUI criminal defense believe the police incentives and bias to "arrest" have never been greater

100 California DUI cops attended an awards ceremony yesterday where California drunk driving officers from various police agencies in the Imperial Valley were honored for their efforts in arresting people suspected of a California DUI. That's arrested, NOT convicted, of a DUI in California.

Attorneys who specialize in DUI criminal defense believe the police incentives and bias to "arrest" have never been greater. There's lots of money in this California DUI arrest business to make overtime-seeking police very happy if not rich!!

California DUI officers from Brawley, Calexico, El Centro, Imperial, the California Highway Patrol and Imperial County Probation Department were praised for arresting California DUI motorists.

The California DUIawards luncheon was hosted by the Calexico Police Department and held at the Calexico Cultural Arts Center in Heffernan Avenue. The California DUI awards were part of the AVOID anti-DUI program.

The California DUI AVOID program was launched in the winter of 1973 and sought to bring law enforcement agencies together in countywide clusters in an effort to combat drunken driving, according to the California AVOID Web site.

California DUI funding is provided by grants from the state California Office of Traffic Safety through the Business, Transportation and Housing Agency. The California DUI awards are a way of expressing gratitude to the California DUIofficers who go the extra mile in making sure that DUI motorists are taken in.

California DUI officers set to earn big bucks from this year’s AVOID the 10 Imperial County DUI Campaign luncheon at the Calexico Cultural Arts Center include:


- Officer Manuel Ceja

- Officer Victor Flores

- Officer Ruben Lopez


- Officer Alex Torrez

- Officer Gilbert Caldera

- Officer Juan Arroyo

- Officer Cuauhtemoc Beltran

- Officer Kevin Biagi


- Officer Adrian Chilpa


- Cpl. Albert Valenzuela


- Officer Silver Espinoza

- Officer Armando Padilla

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