Tuesday, September 1, 2009

DUI criminal defense attorneys are presently worried about the fires & Chief in California now

DUI criminal defense attorneys are presently worried about the fires in California now. Drunk Driving criminal defense lawyers are wondering about California's Fire Chief.

California Fire Chief Del Walters was pulled over on Highway 70 near Camp Layman for speeding. He allegedly failed subjective & scientifically-flawed California DUI field sobriety tests. He ultimately faces a California drunk driving arrest.

California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection put the chief on a one hundred and twenty day suspension.

"To all Californians, I fully acknowledge that this incident contradicts my entire professional career dedicated to public safety. For that, I offer my apology and my word that I will tirelessly work to regain your trust and continue my dedication to protecting safety for all Californians" says the Chief.

CHP DUI officers caution that the chief's blood test results have not been determined yet. If the test was performed properly and there was no contamination or fermentation, his BAC may have a large impact on any California DUI sentencing, according to drunk driving crimnal defense attorneys.

Some California DUI attorneys wonder how to avoid the license suspension. A fire chief would alternatively need to seek a restricted license for work purposes.

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