Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Initial Costs of a DUI - is it worth it?

Look at what initial bail & towing damage a DUI can do to your wallet:

Bail. You'll have to shell out bail to get released after your California DUI arrest. Cost: $150-$2,500 (using a bonding company usually raises the cost).

Costs shown in this twit are for first-time California DUI arrestees. Costs and California DUI penalties are often more severe if you're a repeat offender and/or have aggravating factors like a child in the car, excessive speeding, refusal, your blood-alcohol content is above 0.15%, etc.

Towing. When you're arrested for a DUI in California, your car gets towed. In some places, retrieving it costs alot more than other places.
Cost: $100-$1,200.

DUI attorney defense fees, fines, alcohol program, court penalties, higher insurance, and/or license reinstatement fees are additional costs you will likely deal with.