Saturday, October 3, 2009

How does the US compare with UK & Oz re: DUI implications?

California DUI attorneys are often asked about International Comparisons

In the UK (United Kingdom) and Oz (Australia), deaths caused by DUI or drunk driving are much lower than the USA, although alcohol consumption per capita is higher and the legal age for drinking lower.

Research in the United Kingdom has show that the danger group for DUI or drunk driving is young men in their early 20's rather than teenagers.

Speed can be an issue in DUI / drunk driving cases.

UK & Oz do not see restricting access to alcohol as having any useful role to play in reducing drunk driving, and their lower drunk driving deaths would seem to bear this out (unlike California and the US).

DUI experience tells them it is that random breath tests, severe penalties, including imprisonment for a first DUI or drunk driving offense, combined with blanket public service broadcasting are the most effective strategy.

Anti-DUI driving adverts in Australia and the UK do not attempt to stigmatize drinking, in fact they make the point that it is a normal social activity; it is when you mix it with driving that it sometime becomes a purported problem.

Australian and British Law do not recognize the crime of DUI Manslaughter and sentences for causing death by drunk driving much lower than the USA while jail time for a first DUI offense is not uncommon.