Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Why you shouldn't tell a Cop what you have been drinking!

If you are stopped in your vehicle at night by a police officer, many times you will be asked: "Have You Been Drinking?" You do NOT have to answer that question, say California DUI criminal defense attorneys. You do NOT have to answer any questions. You may politely decline once you provide License, Insurance & Registration. Talking usually can only hurt you in an otherwise defensible drunk driving charge. Acrobatics are also voluntary.

No cop will believe "2 beers" as most peoples say that. No cop will believe 1/2 glass of wine or something very small, as it may not be accurate; invariably the required blood or problematic breath test at the jail/station will likely show much higher. Impossibility is something hard to believe. It's just better to say nothing. If you say something, they can try to use retrograde extrapolation to later guess your blood alcohol level. But if you give them no facts, they can't start assuming. Having defended folks for 25 years as a DUI criminal defense lawyer, remain silent.