Thursday, November 19, 2009

Kerry's daughter only .06% but still arrested for DUI in California

Massachusetts senator / former presidential candidate John Kerry's oldest daughter, Alexandra Kerry, 36, was arrested in Hollywood for DUI. Kerry was stopped by California DUI police and arrested at 12:40 AM this morning, after allegedly failing a DUI sobriety test. She was originally pulled over for a traffic violation. She was booked & held for 5 hours before being released on $5,000 bail.

Kerry only had a blood alcohol level of .06. California's legal limit is .08, but Kerry could still be prosecuted for being under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.

A California DUI is one the most defended criminal cases by California criminal defense lawyers in California courts. The accused has a lot to lose if convicted. DUIs are extremely costly in terms of fines, court-imposed fees, insurance rates, ignition interlock devices, vehicle impounds, public work service, alcohol programs, and jail. A big reason people hire California DUI criminal defense attorneys to fight their California Drunk Driving charges is fear of losing their license.

California DUI police officers don’t always just depend just on numbers from a breath sample to decide if someone is impaired. Unsteady gait, distinctly slurred speech, misunderstanding comprehensible directions, unexplained difficulty with basic motor skills and the manner of driving are possible characteristics that may say more about someone’s possible impairment than numbers on a machine.

California DUI laws and issues are extremely complex.

California Drunk Driving Criminal Defense Lawyers often have to deal with prosecution experts who try to claim that people can be impaired at .05.