Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What do California DUI criminal defense lawyers point to when people use hand lotion containing alcohol?

What do California DUI criminal defense attorneys think about hand lotion containing alcohol? Can California drunk driving lawyers confirm the alcohol in lotion could affect breath testing machines, causing a falsely elevated reading?

In this interesting DUI defense article:

1) "Results are shown in Table 1 (of the study) that alcohol (ETOH) levels were detectable in breath analysis of 6 of the 20 Health Care Workers (range, 0.0010% to 0.0025%) at 1 to 2 minutes after the final application of Avagard: all would have been recorded as undetectable by Australian DUI Enforcement Police performing routine roadside, hand-held gadget / breath testing. However, two of these six Health Care Workers also had detectable serum ETOH levels at 5 to 7 minutes postexposure.

2) The researchers cannot be sure that intensive ABHRS (alcohol-
based hand-rub solutions) use for longer than 1 hour without washing may not result in higher absorption or accumulation rates."

While there are all kinds of DUI attorney questions about the limitations of this study, a number of DUI lawyers in California have already used this study when clients have been exposed to hand lotions containing alcohol.