Saturday, May 1, 2010

Can you also believe the Government's computer chip equipment? Are DUI breath test machines capable of false alarms & inaccurate reports?

How many times has a California DUI criminal defense attorney reasonably contended the Government's machine should not be trusted.

Just how reliable are the drunk driving breath test computer equipment that the government witness says is accurate?!

Well, yesterday, the Government's U.S. Geological Survey's computer in Berkeley station mistakenly concluded the Napa area of Northern California had been hit by a magnitude 5.0 earthquake! Whoa!!

Richard Buckmaster, a government geophysicist at the agency's National Earthquake Reporting Center, says governmment officials are trying to determine why the computer generated the "dubious or erroneous" alert Friday. He says the center's equipment saw no evidence that Napa had experienced even a much smaller quake.

The false alarm created a flurry of activity for earthquake watchers and news media but otherwise disappeared from the USGS system with the strike of a delete button. The government employee tried to say such inaccurate reports are rare in California.

In California, DUI chemical test machines are subject to a number of errors. Criminal defense lawyers reasonably argue the machines are not as reliable and accurate as the government claims they are!!