Thursday, June 3, 2010

California DUI attorney Rick Mueller announces new DUI victories

Newswire Release for June 3, 2010

California DUI attorney Rick Mueller twits and blogs some recent drunk driving criminal defense lawyer victories:

* Underage drinker stopped for no front license plate by local San Diego County Sheriff's Deputy, displays red, watery and bloodshot eyes, fails pen test, admits drinking, changes the amount ingested, fails all field sobriety tests, blows twice over the legal limit and provides blood sample also over the legal limit. Arrested for DUI. License also restricted.
* Asian man fails to stop at red light, a violation of the California Vehicle Code. Before San Diego CHP arrests him for DUI, CHP notices bloodshot & watery eyes, odor of alcoholic beverage, unsteady gait, slurred speech and unsatisfactory field sobriety test performance. Blood test result over .08%. Issue regarding proper blood draw as officer provided no testimony that blood was mixed with required anticoagulant and sodium fluoride preservative.
* Inoperable right headlight leads to stop and DUI arrest by San Diego Police Department. DUI symptoms noted. DUI field tests not satisfactorily performed. Admits drinking alcohol. Both PAS tests over .08%. .10% both times on Intoxilyzer breath machine. All charges dropped.
* Driving on a suspended license and without insurance, out-of-county saleswoman stopped for failure to maintain lane in San Diego county. Blows .19% & .21%. Fails tests. Arrested for DUI, etc. Convicted of reckless driving, everything else dropped. Small fine, only twenty AA meetings and no license penalty.

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