Thursday, July 8, 2010

In a preview twit of upcoming Press Release, one recent victory by San Diego DUI attorney

California DUI criminal lawyers know how difficult it is to defend San Diego Drunk Driving cases.

In a preview twit of a soon-to-be-released Press Release, here's one recent victory by San Diego California DUI attorney Rick Mueller.

California DUI Checkpoints are the easiest way for drunk driving cops to put a knife through your "Always-Am-Careful-Night-Out."

Upon this San Diego California drunk driving roadblock fish trap, military man puts career in jeopardy even though no bad driving.

Wrong eyes, speech, gait and odor led to unsatisfactory field sobriety tests, including a .113% and .124% on San Diego's California DUI Alco-Sensor IV test, and then .11%/.11% on the Intoximeter breath estimator.

A San Diego California DUI conviction could have ended his military career; but because of the hard work of his lawyer, he is back in good graces with the U.S. Government.