Sunday, July 4, 2010

Special Thanks & Gifts to Those in the Military in celebration of the 4th of July - California DUI Attorney Checkpoint Locations & Victories

Independence Day 2010 features this California DUI Checkpoint Warning Twit and Gifts of Freedom to those who serve - or who have served, or who have encountered MP's - in the United States Military.

1) This California Drunk Driving Checkpoint & DUI Roadblock Advisory gives comfort to those who drink socially and must drive on California roads, without fear of being trapped by the California DUI Fishermen!

2) Those who love the military, those who are in the military and those who wander into military territory may unfortunately, at some point, require the services of California DUI Criminal Defense Attorneys. Here's some examples of what a Quality California DUI Lawyer can do for such folks:

A) Lady Friend is called to help; she picks up military friend who has been drinking alcohol. She safely drives drunk friend home. Unable to get through San Diego military gate as Military Police smell alcohol coming out of the vehicle. She admits drinking earlier. MP conducts California DUI Standardized Field Sobriety Tests which she allegedly failed. Blows .181% on Preliminary Alcohol Screening (PAS) Test. Later blows .15% twice on California DUI Intoximeter machine. Arrested for California DUI but not convicted of it. Only $1,000 fine and some AA meetings. Also avoided any California DUI license suspension or restriction.

B) Military person with no front license plate and no California license avoids severe military penalties by getting California DUI charges dismissed after blowing .104%/.099% PAS results & .09%/.08% California DUI breath test results in post-absorptive phase at San Diego California DUI police station and failing to properly perform California DUI field acrobatics given in Imperial Beach while manifesting some signs of California DUI impairment but no California DUI!

C) With a suspended license and no insurance, a nice sales lady stopped for failure to maintain lane in San Diego county, around military base. Blows .19% & .21%. Fails California DUI tests. Arrested for California DUI but not convicted of California DUI. Convicted of reckless driving, everything else dropped. Small fine, only twenty AA meetings, no license penalty and no California DUI!