Friday, August 27, 2010

California DUI breath estimators may be inaccurate as unreliable design reveals defects exposed by criminal defense attorneys

California DUI breath estimators may be inaccurate. Unreliable design has revealed defects exposed by criminal defense attorneys. Drunk Driving machines in California are not specific for alcohol in that they do not actually measure alcohol.

Because of their designed infrared interpretation, California DUI lawyers have showed the estimators report hundreds of non-alcohol compounds as "alcohol".

California DUI breath estimators attempt measure alcohol on one's breath. Its computer then multiplies the reading 2100 times to get a reading of alcohol in the blood. An amount of alcohol in the blood is greatly reduced as it crosses from the blood into the alveolar sacs of one's lungs and into one's breath. An average human has 2100 times more alcohol in his blood than in his breath. This theory varies tremendously among folks, yet another defect in these DUI estimators.

If alcohol in the breath sample did not come from one's lungs - and instead came from one's mouth or throat, then it will not have been processed through one's body, into the blood and then out through the lungs. The alcohol then will not have been reduced 2100 times. Yet the drunk driving estimator always multiplies it 2100 times.

Alcohol stays in the tissue of the oral cavity or esophagus for, at a minimum, 15 minutes until diluted and flushed down into the stomach by saliva. A person who drinks right before driving California roads, before being tested, could affect the estimator.

Alcohol trapped in one's dentures or gum cavities could also affect the DUI estimator.

A slight regurgitation of gas, burp, or belch within 15 minutes before taking the test sends up alcohol from alcohol in one's stomach into his mouth and esophagus, also affecting the estimator.

GERD, GastroEsophageal Reflux Disease" prompts "acid reflux", commonly experienced as heartburn, could also affect the dui estimator.

Acid reflux is usually caused by a "hiatal hernia", damage to the pyloric valve separating the stomach from the esophagus. When the valve cannot close completely, then liquids and gasses from the stomach can rise into the throat and oral cavity, to remain there until once again flushed back down.

Because acid reflux can be caused by stress, it is commonly experienced by those kind of folks stopped by California police officers for suspicion of DUI. Performing acrobatics or gymnastics magnify the stressful / acid reflux condition.

Alcohol in one's stomach rises into and permeates one's mouth and throat. Then the alcohol becomes mixed with breath passing from one's lungs through the throat and mouth and into the California DUI estimator.

Because alcohol is being multiplied by the machine 2100 times, a tiny, invisible amount of absorbed alcohol erroneously is read as a falsely elevated result.