Thursday, August 5, 2010

Chico California DUI attorney Joe VanDervoort has been doing a fantastic job for Californians for over 30 years!

Chico California DUI attorney Joe VanDervoort has been doing a tremendous job for California folks for over 30 years, specializing in California DUI and California DMV cases.

As California DUI King Joe says:

"I don't do probate, divorce, business law and most other kinds of criminal cases. Although it is often best, for Court, to get a criminal lawyer near your own jurisdiction, DUI and DMV cases can be handled by this office in any County in the State of California, and if you don't have a specialist, please contact us to handle your matter. If we need a lawyer for Court in another jurisdiction or area, we will associate or refer you to one who specializes in DUI.

If you have been arrested for a California DUl, driving with a .08 blood alcohol, zero tolerance, minor in possession of alcohol, marijuana or some other drugs, or have a Department of Motor Vehicles suspension or revocation pending against you for too many points. or accidents, you need the services of an attorney immediately.

If you have been arrested for California DUI, 08, or zero tolerance, you only have ten calendar days from the day of your arrest within which to take action to protect your driver's license.

The California Department of Motor Vehicles may restrict, suspend or revoke your license prior to any Court date, and may have already taken it and given you a temporary license. Such restriction or revocation can be from four months to life without a hearing. At DMV you have no right to a jury trial; you have no right to a public defender.

DMV and Court actions can remain on your driving record for life and can be used as enhancements or prior convictions, similar to a "strike," for ten years or more, and have other serious consequences, including loss of insurance, insurance costs, fines in the thousands of dollars, mandatory jail sentences, drunk driving school for up to thirty months, and probation of up to five years. If you are convicted of a California Felony DUI, you can be sentenced to state prison and be placed on parole upon your release. If you receive a conviction for driving under the influence or .08, your record cannot be cleared or expunged in the future, ever, and for purposes of job applications, is considered a "crime".

If you were arrested for California DUI .08 or zero tolerance, your lawyer has ten calendar days in which to contact DMV in Sacramento, and not locally. If your lawyer does not contact DMV within ten days of your arrest, you automatically forfeit any meaningful chance to save your license. Some lawyers argue that you have thirty days from the date of your arrest to contact DMV, but if you do not contact DMV in Sacramento within ten days, you will not get an extension of the thirty day right to drive pending the hearing which may not be set for several months; thus leaving you without a license.

If you are a multiple offender, refused to take or failed to complete a chemical test of your blood, breath or urine, or you are a minor, the consequences of your case are even more severe. If you decide to contact DMV yourself, do not allow them to confuse you or stall you. Demand the right to an in-person hearing immediately. You have many rights and defenses at DMV and Court. Loss of license, suspensions, convictions, fines, jail sentences, interlock devices, and even probation, can often be avoided, or mitigated. Many California drunk driving cases result in acquittals, or reductions of charges and reinstatement of driving privileges."