Friday, August 13, 2010

One bad DUI story works out well for young Military man in California

California DUI Checkpoints are the easiest way for drunk driving cops to put a knife in the heart of an otherwise average or prudent California driver.

In one San Diego county Sheriff's Department drunk driving roadblock fish trap, a fine military man inadvertently puts his outstanding career in jeopardy even though he was guilty of no poor or bad driving.

Watery, red & bloodshot eyes, slurred speech, unsteady gait and odor of alcohol prompted - in this California DUI officer's questionable opinion - unsatisfactory field sobriety tests. (Whose satisfaction? And how personal?)

The over the legal limit .113% and .124% results on the hand-held California DUI Alco-Sensor IV gadget test plus more unfavorable test evidence vis a vis .11%/.11% on the Intoximeter breath estimator, created enough cause to arrest for drunk driving.

California DUI attorneys know that a drunk driving conviction would have ended his career. But, because of his California DUI criminal defense lawyer's efforts, the young man is back in good graces with the United States Military.