Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Absurdity of latest MADD President email - should they focus on non-DUI driving?

According to MADD, 20% of all fatal accidents are caused by DUI drivers.

So, 80% of all fatal accidents are caused by drivers who are not drunk or DUI.

Based upon these statistics, if California makes it illegal to drive without any alcohol in the blood, California could eliminate the 80% group of fatal accidents.

Is MADD focusing on the wrong side of the equation?

Instead, MADD is focused on sending this email out:

Dear So and So,

We received exciting news yesterday – drunk driving fatalities dropped to their lowest level on record.

New data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that fatalities dropped to 10,839 deaths in 2009, a decrease of seven percent.

This decline means that deaths have been cut by about half from when MADD was founded 30 years ago and by almost 20% from when the Campaign to Eliminate Drunk Driving started just four years ago. That's helped save almost 300,000 lives.

Your support, and the support of people like you, has made the difference as we fight for stronger legislation and enforcement around the country.

However, as we work to eliminate drunk driving and protect American families, that’s still 10,839 too many deaths each year. Thus, I’d like to ask for your help again.

Can you join us at the local Walk Like MADD in your community? The support you are able to raise will help us equip volunteers for the challenges of state legislatures. It will also help us should our representatives just how many people care about drunk driving and want to see it stopped.

Thanks for your help and hope to see you at Walk Like MADD!

Thank you in advance for your support,
Laura Dean-Mooney
MADD National President