Saturday, September 25, 2010

Online DUI Program now offers free online Victim Impact (MADD) Panel

Tom Wilson's online DUI / Drunk Driving alcohol program service has been providing online DUI/DWI programs for California and out of state offenders since 2003.

See the programs developed for several states, including New York at California DUI lawyers confirm they have experienced an increase in the number of states and jurisdictions that now accept their online dui classes. They modified their DUI program curriculum to meet state – specific requirements such as Colorado, Nevada, New Jersey, and California.

This DUI program also now includes a FREE online Victims Impact Panel required by many courts as part of the online DUI course curriculum. This will save the MADD rip-off ("optional") fee to have to take the panel, according to Drunk Driving Attorneys in California. This online DUI panel is video streamed to the probationer’s computer followed by a brief quiz. They have had 100% acceptance of this method of delivery.

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