Thursday, September 16, 2010

What about those "Amanda Rights" in DUI & Drunk Driving cases, lawyers are asked - / Can you do the model walk? Gymnastics Anyone?

Lady does model walk, asks for 'Amanda rights' during traffic stop and then is arrested for DUI after providing a drunk driving field sobriety test equivalent to a fashion show performance!

She walked up and down the line with hands on her hips three additional times, police wrote in the DUI report, attorneys are told.

Orland Park resident Ms. Urzedowski may or may not be a model but apparently apparently walked as though she was a model, during her DUI sobriety test at the intersection of 159th Street and Wolf Road.

This occurred after she offered to perform a gymnastics maneuver. She asked the DUI officer to read her “Amanda rights". Maybe the drunk driving cop misspelled.