Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Avoid a DUI by riding a bike but not a motorized riding mower

Ride a bike. California's DUI laws are not the same if drunk while biking. No license can be taken. No jail can be imposed. You can be ordered to pay a fine. BUI (Biking under the influence) in California cannot be used as a prior DUI in case you get another DUI while driving a vehicle.

One California man found an equally creative way to get busted for drunk driving. CHP was patrolling Sonoma County one night when he came upon a man riding a Bolen Husky, a vintage riding mower dating to 1960.

CHP stopped the mower's driver, John Posephny, 55, because the mower was not licensed as a motor vehicle, and therefore was not street legal. The mower lacked lights.

CHP smelled alcohol on Posephny's breath and saw a brown bottle in a brown bag.

CHP said the grass cutter had prior California DUI convictions on his record, but those came from driving regular vehicles.