Friday, October 1, 2010

Felony DUI Charges Facing Doctor in Accident prior to 5 scheduled medical procedures

A Northern California gastroenterologist is facing Felony DUI charges after allegedly causing injuries in a Drunk Driving crash while heading to work on a day he had five procedures scheduled in Yuba City.

His California DUI criminal defense attorney, Michael Khouri, said he will plead not guilty.

They are challenging the accuracy of the blood alcohol test that was administered by the police department and maintain that he had not been drinking that morning.

The California Medical Board has filed an accusation the doctor seeking to suspend his license. A blood test purportedly showed his blood alcohol level was 0.13.

DUI cops claim the physician went over the center line and hit another car, causing injuries to its driver that a lawsuit claims "some permanent disability."

California'as medical board settled & will place his license on probation but allow him to continue to practice medicine.