Thursday, November 18, 2010

California Drunk Driving Law Author Ed Kuwatch ran for Attorney General on 2002 platform "Don't let them micromanage your life"

A California Libertarian Party candidate, Country Lawyer Ed Kuwatch, lived on a mountaintop near Willits.

Ed ran a business called Fast Eddie Publishing and wrote a self-published book on drunk-driving laws in the state entitled: California Drunk Driving Laws, the bible for attorneys defending DUI cases.

Ed was related to our forefathers in Virginia, bred as a mainstay in protection of the California and United States Constitutions.

Ed sought to end laws that restrict the right to bear arms and wanted to limit three-strikes cases to apply only to California violent offenders.

Ed was eternally passionate about what he did, helping common folks and lawyers alike in the battle against Big Brother, MADD and overzealous California DUI attorney prosecutors.

But he did not raise money or campaign around California. He figured he'd put together some bumper stickers with his catchy campaign slogan:

"Don't let them micromanage your life."

For those who knew Ed, they loved him, admired him, and think of him everyday to this day.