Friday, November 19, 2010

Fantasy Football DUI Update - Wide Receiver Mike Williams will play Week 11 for Tampa Bay

Mike Williams will play in Week 11, but Tampa Bay Bucs will discipline him internally for last night's / Friday morning DUI arrest.

Calling it a "bad decision by an individual player," Coach Morris said a few minutes ago he is "very disappointed about the bad decision that (Williams) made to be out late and about the worse decision he made to have a drink and drive."

The club is hopeful that Williams will not be formally charged. It sounds like he may be fined, but no game-related discipline is in order.

As attorneys and lawyers line up to help this young star, California fantasy players can check their football rosters.

Williams will start Sunday's game at San Francisco despite his Friday morning DUI arrest. Either Williams passed his urine test, or the Bucs are coming up with whatever excuse possible to get him in the lineup. They'll need him. Tampa doesn't project to have a ton of success on the ground against the 49ers' top-ten run defense, and San Francisco is vulnerable in the back end. Ranked 15th among fantasy wideouts, Williams can safely be penciled into lineups.