Thursday, November 4, 2010

What is the DMV doing anyway? Jeopardizing California drivers by not protecting them from repeat DUI offenders, attorneys ask?

It is nonsense for DMV to be fighting the application of a public safety law which will save lives.

Why would the State of California condone its Department of Morons & Villains' relentless resistance to the efforts of fine attorneys throughout the state trying to get ignition interlock devices on the vehicles of multiple offenders, in order to protect the citizens and drivers?

Well, DMV continues to think it's important to disallow people when they know those same drivers will drive on a suspended license...and without an IID, jeopardize the lives of innocent people?

Wow, DMV.

Lawyers are blown away by the thinking of those in charge of licensing drivers in California.

That thinking could kill you or me tomorrow if the multiple offender goes out and drives without an ignition interlock device, after drinking a substantial amount of alcohol!

What is smart, DMV?

Answer: You know. You're just stubborn.