Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Overview of California DMV Hearing after a DUI arrest & attack on DS 367 link to Avvo

California DMV Hearing Officers introduce evidence in the form of documents and/or witnesses.

In San Diego, the Driver Safety Officer offers the drunk driving / DUI police report, DMV records, DUI alcohol reports and the important San Diego DUI officer's sworn statement entitled a "DS 367." Read more about that on Avvo.com !

Unreasonable & Unfair as it is, California DMV's HO's can legally object to your evidence, rule on her or his own objection,and admit or not admit either party's evidence.

In San Diego California, the DMV Driver Safety Officer's decision will usually be mailed a few days or even weeks after the hearing.

The San Diego DMV / DMV suspension can be set aside or sustained.

If a San Diego DMV suspension is sustained, the decision can be appealed to the DMV in Sacramento and/or to the San Diego Superior court by a lawyer filing a San Diego DMV petition for writ of mandamus.