Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Crime laboratories can be a breeding ground for corruption, incompetence, mismanagement and unreliable/untrustworthy lab results, say DUI attorneys

DUI Lawyers in California know that crime labs are in bad shape and have been for some time. California courts in DMV cases have noted this.

San Diego DUI attorneys blogged about knowledge by the San Diego Crime Lab, almost four months ago.

San Diego crime labs do not have as high as credentials as other labs.

As science improved and criminal defense attorneys became more informed and as some crime lab managers and their accreditation body have shown themselves to be callous and shameless in their incompetence and corruption, it has become obvious that the long-standing system of walled-off self-government of crime labs is fatally flawed.

The press began to find out about the problem of inexcusably bad management of crime labs.

Initially, whenever a problem was discovered or became too big to deny, crime lab managers blamed it on a single rogue analyst. Now, read this.