Monday, January 24, 2011

DUI warrant sweep Monday by one California Police Department, lawyers warn others may be on the way

Forget to pay a fine? Turn in proof of a California DUI alcohol program or classes on time? Well, attorneys should be contacted to get extensions but if not....what happens?

This: A DUI warrant sweep Monday by the La Mesa Police Department - 46 folks for outstanding warrants—involving cases of DUI.

These drunk driving cases had been issued in the past months were identified, say lawyers who practice DUI law in California.

"Several teams of officers attempted to locate these subjects at their last known residential address or place of business," DUI lawyers heard. "In the end, six of these subjects were located and arrested for the outstanding warrants" on charges of violating probation or failing to show for their court hearings.

"This warrant detail serves as yet another reminder to the citizens of our community that the La Mesa Police Department will not tolerate drunk drivers or those people that fail to complete their court mandated sentencing conditions as a result of a DUI arrest," attorneys are told.