Saturday, January 1, 2011

Riot breaks out when prisoners resist DUI breathalyzers, attorneys announce

Six accommodation blocks, a snooker room, a pool room, a gym block and a mail room had been destroyed after a riot broke out at a UK prison.

A large amount of alcohol had been found at the prison. "This has been a long time waiting to happen," DUI lawyers in California were told.

"Staff have been running around trying to breathalyze prisoners. It's been reminiscent of the end scenes of The Benny Hill Show - the only thing missing was the music."

Forty inmates at the prison near Arundel, 95km south of London, began the disturbance at around midnight after some prisoners refused to take breath tests for alcohol. Some wore balaclavas to prevent identification.

Prison staff retreated and specialist officers were called in to handle the riot, the Ministry of Justice has said. There were no immediate reports of injuries to staff or inmates.

The prison houses up to 500 offenders with less than two years remaining on their sentences to prepare them for release.

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