Friday, February 18, 2011

13 California drivers had their cars taken away when they showed up for a DUI COURT-ORDERED MADD meeting - what is this world coming to?!

Trying to fulfill their DUI probation, 13 out of 171 drivers had their cars taken away when they showed up for COURT-ORDERED MADD meeting. Who's mad now? Without DMV or the DUI court giving the person a restriction to drive to something required to be done. Ironic? Sad? Sick?

This idiotic waste of taxpayer money happened at El Cajon Court in San Diego County, so why is the La Mesa Police Department spearheading this stupid DUI license checkpoint sting operation, attorneys question?

“Our main focus was to identify those drivers who continue to drive even after having their license suspended as the result of a prior DUI arrest,” posted embarassed Sgt. Peter Andersson (avoiding direct media contact by using only a prewritten news release). “The detail was operational for a little more than three hours.”

Great. So the DUI fines which the state of California could really use will instead help pay for more cops wasting everybody's time for 3 hours. Cheap! Shooting fish in a barrel you just built? Self-perpetuating work for DUI cops?

Local San Diego California DUI lawyer Rick Mueller tried to warn people about this crap in an URGENT PRESS RELEASE blog post yesterday.