Sunday, February 13, 2011

Around the NFL - from DUI arrest for Oakland California star Michael Bush to Road Rage Assault charges

Oakland California Raiders rising star running back Michael Bush faced arrest yesterday for DWI aka drunk driving or driving while intoxicated in Indiana. He was stopped at quarter to four in the a.m. for an infraction in good ol' Jeffersonville. Not much good happens at that time of the night so one must obey every traffic law.

Bush ran for 655 yards on 158 carries, 8 touchdowns, a rising fantasy player. Michael is a free agent, free unless Indiana sentences him to jail.

In other NFL news, Washington Redskins Defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth faces misdemeanor assault due to a road rage incident. His criminal defense attorney appeared at a police station because of an ordeal involving an assault by a driver of a pickup truck who was tailgating him. The accuser is seeking fame and money, lawyers are told.