Friday, February 25, 2011

California Drunk Driving Law books - Comprehensive References to the Law of DUI in California That Premier DUI Criminal Defense Attorneys Use!

What are the materials a competent DUI Criminal Defense Attorney in California must have? For starters...

(1) California Drunk Driving Law: A Comprehensive Reference to the Law of Drunk Driving in California. March 2001 Edition

California Drunk Driving Law can be purchased here.

Here's what attorneys say:

California Drunk Driving Law never lets me down. It's complete, it's comprehensive and it covers the important details... -- Barry Simons, DUI Defense Attorney, Laguna Beach, California

“Absolutely the best drunk driving book in the state... -- Grace Suarez, California Public Defender, San Francisco, California

“California Drunk Driving Law ... also deals with themes not confined to just DUI litigation... -- Michael (Captain Motion) Kennedy, DUI Attorney in California

Rick Mueller is San Diego County's Editorial Consultant for California Drunk Driving Law, the most comprehensive reference book for California DUI law.

(2) Another must DUI book is Attacking and Defending Drunk Driving Tests by California DUI Lawyers Association President & Specialist Donald Bartell and Mary McMurray. Click here to purchase at