Wednesday, February 23, 2011

MADD gives out DUI award to Chula Vista San Diego County Cop

MADD loves to help cops get promotions. Many DUI cops in San Diego California arrest as many people as they can.

Why? Don't you think promotion is tied to performance? And if a city's cop gets the most DUI arrests for the year, MADD gives them an Award. Attorneys think it promotes a tad bit of bias. Some lawyer suspect worse.

200 DUI police enforcement employees in California will get what MADD calls "a prestigious award".

On March 26, 2011, the DUI award ceremony at the Hyatt Regency in Sacramento will feature San Diego County's Chula Vista Officer Alicia Chudy. She will receive the “California State MADD Hero Award” for her work in DUI cases and preventing accidents.

In 2010, Chula Vista Police Department arrested about 650 Calfifornia DUI / drunk drivers. Chudy got 85 California DUI drivers, the most there. The DUI star had her hand in 30 California DUI coordinated operations including California DUI checkpoints, California DUI saturation patrols and DUI probation stakeouts. She spearheaded approval of a $269,574 anti-California DUI drunk driving grant to continue prevention operations during deep budget cuts. She trained other DUI patrol officers about new laws to score more California DUI arrests. Check back for her promotion status, attorneys believe.