Monday, February 28, 2011

Red Light Cameras Illegal and Dangerous

California criminal defense attorneys aggressively try to get red light cameras thrown out as unconstitutional. The Supreme Court has said that a criminal defendant has a right to confront his accuser, but when have you ever heard of a camera manufacturer employee showing up to testify at a red light camera ticket trial?

Is it "Big Brother" out of control and out of sight?

The Supreme Court said that we have a right to privacy that emanates from the penumbra’ of the Bill of Rights yet now we drive and are being watched by Big Brother Light Camera Company.

Red light citations should be illegal. They are also very dangerous. Five studies noted by the National Motorists Association show proof that the red light cameras actually increase the incidence of accidents at intersections.

A study by the Virginia Transportation Research Council concluded: “After cameras were installed, rear-end crashes increased for the entire six-jurisdiction study area… After controlling for time and traffic volume at each intersection, rear-end crash rates increased by an average of 27% for the entire study area.”

DUI lawyers run into this issue in Drunk Driving Accident Defense cases.