Monday, March 28, 2011

Best Ways to Avoid a San Diego DUI Conviction

Today we have a guest post from Richard Jacobs: a chief editor since early 2007, and he currently works for MyDUIattorney. A website that helps you to find the right dui lawyer, you can search for a DUI Lawyer in California or for Tempe DUI Lawyer online, anytime!

• As a driver in San Diego, you need to know that when you’re pulled over by the police, you don’t need to show them anything other than your license, registration and insurance. Hopefully, they will not ask you for anything else either.

• If you are asked to pull over by the San Diego police, they will question you before they decide to arrest you. You should know that the Miranda warnings allow you not to answer any of the questions posed by the police. This also holds true because you are not in the custody of the police. It is preferable not to answer any questions that could be used against you in the court.

• You may also be asked to take the Preliminary Alcohol Screening Test; you can always politely refuse to blow into any hand-held gadget of such sort. This holds true if you are 21 or above and are not on DUI probation in the State of California.

• The Field Sobriety Tests or gymnastics are also completely optional and voluntary; try your best not to take those tests because even if you are not drunk, there is a strong chance that you may get arrested. Politely refuse to take those tests and refrain from giving San Diego police any DUI evidence that may be used against you in court.

• In addition, the San Diego police will offer you the option of taking either a blood test or a breath test. In such a situation, always choose a breath test, the reason being that breath testing machines are often erroneous and that is a strong chance your test results will not be accurate. If you have been given the option to choose between a blood test, urine test and breath test, always choose the urine test, since that test is known to be perhaps the most unreliable one in California.

• The way you are perceived by the jury of San Diego is very important, therefore, you should be respectful and polite towards the San Diego police at all times. Do not lose your patience at all.

• It is highly important to call someone as soon as you are arrested. The San Diego County jail will normally allow you to make one phone call, always make use of that call. This is important because the person you will call will be able to hear your voice and notice any possible traces of sobriety.

• A good piece of advice is to write down everything that happened in chronological order before being pulled over by the San Diego Police up to and including your release from jail. This information will be valuable when you contact a DUI lawyer.

• Always research the availability of San Diego DUI attorneys to represent you and give good advice. A good lawyer will put together positive facts and evidence to help put together a good case in front of the San Diego California DMV hearing and court.

• The best advice perhaps is something you’ve heard before: Do not drink and drive in San Diego even if you think you can handle it. Even if you have had just a couple of drinks, don’t take the risk of being pulled over by the police.