Friday, March 25, 2011

Checkpoint Locations removed by Blackberry from Apps but San Diego DUI lawyer vows to continue to post California DUI checkpoint locations on URL site

Blackberry stopped a couple of helpful, socially-valuable applications which tell users approaching a California DUI checkpoint.

MADD claims: “We understand their concerns on how these apps can be misused. They could be misused by drunk drivers to evade the DUI checkpoints.”

GPS-based tools allow users report the locations of California DUI checkpoints, speed traps and red-light cameras.

Criminal Defense Lawyers maintain this latest antic is an unlawful attempt to regulate applications which also violates 1st amendment's right to freedom of speech.

San Diego DUI attorney Rick Mueller reminds that DUI checkpoints are to be announced to the public and that these MADD people need to abide by the Supreme Court's decision(s)!! He promises to continue to post locations of California DUI checkpoints on this free website alert!