Monday, March 21, 2011

Sex for No DUI? San Diego Police Department Officer Hires Excellent San Diego DUI Criminal Defense Lawyer to Defend as DUI Cop Remanded > Higher Bail

California is a tough place to find cops who take bribes, according to attorneys' clients who move to California from somewhere back east.

This particular San Diego DUI police officer Anthony Arevalos showed up in court looking good today to plead not guilty to eliciting sexual favors from 3 women after he made DUI enforcement detentions.

And #4 victim is allegedly on her way.

The San Diego DUI police officer, sporting a very nice dark pinstripe suit, said little: “Yes, sir,” when asked by the San Diego Superior Court judge if he understood an order to stay away from 1 of the alleged victims.

San Diego DUI police officer’s bail escalated to $200,000. The San Diego DUI police officer was handcuffed and placed into custody. The San Diego DUI police officer had posted $95,000 bail shortly after his arrest March 11.

Deputy District Attorney Sherry Thompson said victimized women on Oct. 22, Dec. 29, and March 8 during DUI stops in the Gaslamp Quarter, asking them all what they could offer him to get out of their compromising situations. The women ranged in age from 20 to 31.

Upon asking about their backgrounds, he would tell them how expensive drunk driving cases can be and that they couldn’t afford them, the prosecutor claims.

On March 8, Fat Tuesday, he allegedly asked a woman leaving Mardi Gras celebrations what it was worth to her to get out of a DUI arrest, the prosecutor contends. The San Diego DUI officer responded by directing her to drive to a nearby 7-Eleven and then allegedly asked her for her panties and bra in a locked restroom. The woman claims that he then put his arm around her and fondled her crotch before letting her go.

The officer then gave her back her undergarments, got her phone number and texted her later making sure she got to work safely.

The woman, whose name was not released, reported the alleged incident to police the next day, leading to the San Diego DUI officer’s arrest.

Cops claim they have surveillance video of the San Diego DUI officer and woman going into the restroom.

A top San Diego California DUI Criminal Defense Attorney Philip Gagnon described the allegations “salacious” and added San Diego police arrested Arevalos too quickly without doing a proper investigation.

“From a factual standpoint, there is not much here,” San Diego California DUI Criminal Defense Lawyer Gagnon said in court.

The prosecutor said San Diego police continue to receive reports from potential victims. So far, there could be as many as 9, Thompson salaciously speculated.

In all, the San Diego DUI police officer pleaded not guilty to 10 felony counts, including sexual battery by restraint, receiving a bribe, assault and battery by an officer, and false imprisonment. Arevalos faces up to 11 years and four months in prison if convicted of everything.