Sunday, March 27, 2011

Update on protest efforts at Escondido's controversial DUI Checkpoint in California

Escondido California's DUI officers blocking off exits and pull over vehicles who attempt to turn out of the checkpoint.

Protesters stand roughly 1 mile away from the San Diego county DUI checkpoint alerting drivers. Vehicles are getting pulled over well before the San Diego county DUI checkpoint.

When protesters attempt to film or talk to the people who are pulled over, the San Diego county DUI officers order the driver not to speak to them and order them to leave. Officers will not give protesters their badge numbers.

Signs are not always visible to alert drivers of vehicles. Many locations in Escondido have a bend in the road, then suddenly a sign, then boom - officers who block the only remaining exit. So vehicles are stuck.

San Diego county DUI cops block other exits, too, and sit in the side streets waiting to nab drivers.

Nearly all vehicles are being screened. This is apparently because impounds are down, and city needs money.

At the second to last checkpoint, an exit/entry to a continuing care center was blocked off. This is where stroke and heart attack victims reside for rehab treatment. Ambulances are always coming and going.

DUI attorneys should prevail on many DUI cases by establishing these facts observed by protesters at Escondido's checkpoints and helping folks who get unfairly pulled over before the state-funded checkpoint or who are stopped at a checkpoint since no advance notice for appropriate signs, and as in violation of the California Supreme Court's Ingersoll decision.