Thursday, April 28, 2011

2 Women's "Panties" in San Diego Police Department DUI Officer's Locker! Sex scandal out of hand

2 pairs of female underpants discovered in the locker of a San Diego DUI police officer are hot smoking guns in case allegedly involving eliciting sexual favors from women upon DUI investigations.

The San Diego Police Department officer who handled DUI cases faces eighteen felony counts in San Diego Superior Court: sexual battery, assault under color of authority & receiving a bribe, involving 5 victims so far.

A married San Diego Police Department officer says the underpants in his locker are that of his girlfriend, according to search warrant affidavits.

DNA testing establishes his girlfriend’s DNA on 1 of the panties.

DNA on the 2nd panties is presently unknown and under investigation.

What's the big deal - Officer safety - check every nook and pantie for a concealed weapon.

The officer purportedly “had a well known history of police misconduct,” according to a source who maintains the Officer (with the initials "A. A.") had photos of women he contacted while on duty, depicting women in various stages of undress and engaged in sexual acts with him.

Judge David Danielsen unsealed the search warrants today upon request of lawyers working for San Diego Union-Tribune, television stations KGTV, Channel 10; KFMB, Channel 8; KNSD, Channel 7/39; and KSWB, Channel 5/69.

San Diego Police Department and prosecuting attorneys claim Arevalos is allegedly accused of targeting women leaving the Gaslamp Quarter, stopping them for various traffic violations, groping or otherwise sexually assaulting women, promising them he could keep them out of jail.

Arevalos allegedly detained a woman for DUI and that during field sobriety tests, the DUI officer said things regarding her panties. He allegedly told her he would not arrest her for DUI, saying: “We are going to have to work something out. What can you do for me? ... I know where you work. I will be in for my favor.”

A second woman was stopped for DUI. He allegedly slid his hand down the back of her jeans and touched her breasts as he moved her in and out of his police car, making a “Mmmmm” sound.

A third woman leaving Mardi Gras celebrations in the Gaslamp was allegedly questioned as to what it was worth to her to get out of a San Diego DUI arrest. At a 7-Eleven, he requested her panties and bra in a restroom. He also allegedly put his arm around her and fondled her crotch before she could leave. He supposedly said later: “I didn’t expect your body to be as nice and wonderful as it was.”

Woman # 4 also was looking at a DUI until he allegedly touched her breasts and slid his hand down the front of her waistband.

San Diego State University student woman #5 says he allegedly said they could take care of the situation by moving to a dark corner or the back seat of his car.