Thursday, April 7, 2011

A general look at the rules of thumb applying to a person with a California DUI trying to enter Canada and needing an immigration attorney to help

Visiting Canada - take a look at these Rules of Thumb:

1) If California DUI convictions are over ten years old, entry is permitted after a criminal background check.

2) If California DUI criminal convictions are between five to ten years old, entry is permitted on payment of a $200 fee and a criminal background check.

3) If California DUI convictions are less than 5 years old, one must get an attorney. Otherwise, the person is going to have to jump through a ton of red tape, and probably still will not get in unless exceptional circumstances.

A U.S. or California visitor to Canada risks deportation upon conviction for impaired driving (aka Drunk Driving, DWI or DUI), violating Canada’s .08 % per se limit, or refusing a breath sample.

A visitor to Canada who is convicted of a drinking and driving offense may not be able to renew his or her visitor status, and upon conviction, such a person becomes inadmissible to Canada and can be deported.

In order to avoid this inadmissibility, a pardon may be required.

California DUI conviction? Simple. The wise step is hire an Immigration lawyer.