Wednesday, April 6, 2011

iPhone busts DUI driver in California

iPhone can videotape DUI or drunk drivers.

One DUI guy began an alleged hit and run from Escondido San Diego County to Riverside County.

Ryan Kessman was driving when the driver of a grey Mercedes driving ahead of him seemed to lose control.

"She was swerving, getting pretty crazy on the road," attorneys are told.

Kessman reached for his smart phone to try to capture the unfolding chaos on video.

"Who knows what's going to happen? So I pull out my iPhone," lawyers heard him say. "I was paying attention to the road."

Lena Moreno of San Diego drove on the left shoulder and rammed in a white van.

Seemingly unfazed, the driver later sped up, then without warning slammed on the brakes and crashed into another car.

Moreno pulled off the freeway and into a Wendy's parking lot as Kessman, got out of her Mercedes and confronted him.

"Now she takes out her keys and she's banging on the window, cracked the window. she was just hitting it super hard," Kessman added. "Then she got more upset, hits my mirror, breaks my mirror."

CHP officers found Moreno hiding in the restaurant's bathroom.