Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Texting fines jacked up to $280-328 to $480-528 plus offense becomes a moving violation with a DMV point

DUI Lawyers are asked how are Drunk Driving conviction fines so high? Well, between statutory assessments and mandatory restitution fines, the range can be excessive.

Look what happens with a texting ticket having this base fine of increase from $20 to $50 per violation?

Currently, drivers who violate the law in San Diego County face a total of up to $160 in fees and fines for a first offense. That fine will jump to $280 under the proposal. A second offense in San Diego could cost a driver up to $480 in base fees and surcharges. That amount is equivalent to a red light camera citation.

Other jurisdictions in California, with these high penalty assessments, a first offense would cost $328, up from the current $208. A repeat offender could be fined $100, or $528 with fees.

Driving while on the cell phone or texting means these stronger penalties and fines if proposed legislation goes through the state assembly.

The state Senate approved SB28 Monday that would increase fines for those caught driving while using a hand-held phone to either make a phone call or send a text

A subsequent violation would also add one point to the motorist's driving record.

The proposed legislation would also make it illegal for a person riding a bicycle to talk on a hand-held cell phone.

A similar bill died last year in an Assembly committee. Senate approval this year comes during "distracted driving awareness month."

The CHP issued more than 9,700 tickets for illegal cell phone use through Friday, and will write significantly more through April than the 10,000 to 11,000 it would issue in a typical month.

The CHP and local agencies have "zero tolerance" days scheduled for Tuesday in the Sacramento area; Wednesday in the Los Angeles area; and Thursday in the San Francisco Bay area and counties north of Sacramento, San Diego attorneys are told.