Sunday, May 29, 2011

# 11 San Diego Police Department cop is "under investigation for possible criminal activity": a California DUI?

Number Eleven

Ten San Diego Police Department cops face various crimes and accusations, from DUI to on-the-job sex. Six SDPD cops were arrested. Will there be a seventh?

Even though San Diego Police Chief William Lansdowne recently indicated to implement a comprehensive reform plan geared to stop or avoid further incidents, we have a new, purported DUI this weekend.

A San Diego Police Department cop is "under investigation for possible criminal activity," uh, a DUI... and maybe more.

Hard to hide when other motorists see things. In this new possible DUI case, the off-duty SDPD officer - with a conveniently unreleased name - allegedly drove on Ithaca Court in Chula Vista two days ago but no arrest was made at that time. Instead, there's an investigation into the (possible DUI) incident, and the Chula Vista Police Department will supposedly forward the DUI report and case to the District Attorney's Office for prosecution (or not), attorneys are told.

The statute of limitations for any misdemeanor San Diego DUI would expire May 27, 2012, lawyers note.

In the meantime, San Diego PD is taking steps:

4 more sergeants for the Internal Affairs Unit, a wellness assessment to annual performance reviews, and review of the discipline manual.

The confidential citizen hotline handles even more complaints against San Diego Police Dept. officers, 120 calls in 2 weeks.

New info. indicates two more officers are struggling in their personal lives, including drinking and marital issues, things that came happen to anyone.

Hire new officers and promote 28 veterans to supervisory positions this summer.

1,839 cops. Lots of babysitting.