Wednesday, May 11, 2011

California DUI checkpoint alert apps under the gun while San Diego City Attorney wants less DUI cases

San Diego DUI attorneys warn drivers of the locations of DUI checkpoints. Just trying to help the City Attorney's Office!

San Diego City Attorney Jan Goldsmith wants San Diego people to stop drinking and driving. How about visiting San Diego's restaurants and bars? Does he want that, too?

“We prosecute about 7,000 driving under the influence cases a year.” the esteemed lawyer Goldsmith mentioned recently. “There’s one easy way to cut our budget and it doesn’t cost the taxpayers a penny; just don’t drink and drive.”

But what about revenue? If folks stop spending money in restaurants and bars, how does less city revenue help the budget?

San Diego City Attorney Goldsmith is right. Our fine city ranks first in DUI convictions. Maybe the City Attorney's Office has good prosecuting lawyers! He suggests DUI and drinking cases make up about a quarter of all cases reviewed by the City Attorney’s office on an annual basis.

Meanwhile Google and Apple are getting the heat from Senator Charles Schumer to remove smartphone apps that warn drivers of the locations of DUI checkpoints.

These apps alert you to nearby DUI checkpoints from a database designed to help the driver who owns the app.

Schumer asked Apple and Google to consider whether these apps violate the companies' respective terms of service by facilitating illegal activity. These apps "endanger public safety by allowing drunk drivers to avoid police checkpoints,"

Google and Apple agreed to report to Congress in thirty days to check whether the apps violate the companies' terms of service by helping people commit unlawful acts like DUI.

Android and iPhone can buy DUI checkpoint apps like Trapster, Mr. DUI, Checkpoint Wingman and DUI Dodger.