Saturday, May 14, 2011

San Diego California Chief of Police abolished 7 man Anticorruption Unit (cops don't really offer no DUI or prostitution arrest for sex, do they?)

The tenth California cop from San Diego facing criminal charges or misconduct in the past few months could have been investigated by a seven-person anticorruption unit that specifically focused on allegations of crimes or misconduct.

Sound familiar?

But the Chief of the San Diego Police Department's, America's finest cops for America's finest city, decided to uh, (shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...) get rid of it.

I mean, why would you even need a unit like that?

Cops do not tell pretty girls they can avoid a DUI in San Diego if they do certain things, do they?

San Diego California officers frequently used undercover or surveillance operations to proactively monitor their colleagues for wrongdoing.

Undercover operations involved planting money in squad cars or the pockets of suspects to check that police would properly impound it.

If a prostitute offers sexual favors to avoid arrest, officers used to consider that she might have be placed there as part of a sting by the antico unit.

What now?

San Diego Police established the unit almost 20 years ago, but after Lansdowne became chief in 2003, the unit vanished.

No hearing.

No discussion.

Just gone.

Keegan Kyle of the Voice of is doing an excellent job covering these stories.