Friday, May 13, 2011

San Diego Police Department Chief invites citizens to file additional complaints against cops (619) 531-2672

Help is here for the San Diego Police Department?

A confidential hotline is now available for citizens to use to file complaints alleging misconduct by San Diego police officers.

So if you are driving around San Diego see a cop having sex in a patrol car with a hooker (like in Old Town), or offering to let a stumbling drunk go free on a California DUI arrest in exchange for a sexual offer (like in the Gaslamp), simply call (619) 531-2672.

We need more arrests to keep this escalated character exposure rolling.

This band-aid strategy is the latest episode in a soap opera directed by San Diego Police Chief Landsdowne. No one is more stressed now to try to stop more SDPD officer crimes.

So many SDPD officers are faced with criminal charges, misconduct, domestic violence, drunk driving and sexual battery that it's hard to keep track of. The latest is the rape this week.

A few weeks ago, Chief said the cops were stressed and frustrated. Since then, lots more San Diego California police have gotten in trouble.