Sunday, May 15, 2011

What are the starting points of a California DUI lawyer's considerations in the complicated drunk driving attorney defense approach?

It's not uncommon for attorneys to begin a California DUI investigation by looking at two starting points.

First, impairment.

Is the driver so impaired as to not being able to safely drive a vehicle with the caution characteristic of a an unimpaired (sober) person?

Look when the initial police contact is made, lawyers suggest. Consider different or unique driving habits when looking at driving style.

Sure the drunk driving cop will likely be quick to point out an alleged failure to properly perform coordination examinations in the fields, an alcoholic scent, and/or physical impressions that appear to support the officer's opinion of impairment.

Second, chemical test results.

A DUI attorney prosecutor must sufficiently and competently establish the driver's BAC level was at or exceeded California's limit of .08 percent while driving the vehicle in question.

This gets complicated. That's why one will wish to engage a premium California DUI lawyer immediately to assure one gains the best possible outcome.

Complicated is an understatement when one considers the number variables which come into play in a DUI circumstantial case.

Considering the actual and possible charges including California penalties further complicate the situation.

Since the average person or accused has little or no idea as to the far-reaching impact of California’s DUI laws, an attorney with proper knowledge and expertise is obviously a prerequisite to success.

Legal professionals like CDLA DUI attorney Specialists understand these complications, thereby leading to the best practical strategy and overall approach.